On 18 March 2017, we have completed the refurbishment of the first unit for our RCPV community service work " Project Heart of Love". There was a lot of sweat, a lot of smiles, and a teary beneficiary filled with happiness!

Project Heart of Love (PHOL) on 18th March 2017
Objectives of the project
1.  A programme targeted at transforming the homes of the elderly living in rental flats.
2.  To provide them with a clean, hygienic and aesthetically pleasing homes to live in.
3.  To bring joy and happiness to the elderly in a clean and healthy environment.
4.  To clear the homes of any old, worn out and damaged furniture and to unclutter their homes.
5.  To restore pride and self esteem to the elderly.
6.  To improve the lighting of the homes.
7.  To improve the overall quality of life.
The homes of many of elderly folks aged 65 years and older living in one room subsidized government HDB flats in the area of Chai Chee, because of their old age and poor health, their homes cluttered are with old and dilapidated furniture making the environment one of filth and un-cleanliness.
The cluttered homes are conducive for to attract pests, such as bed bugs, ants, cockcroaches, mosquitoes and many other pests. As the pests find their way into these homes, the elderly easily develop poor and ill health. They also suffer from deteriorating eye sights where they can no longer see well in dimly lit spaces.
Through enabling clean and hygienic environments with new furniture (quality mattresses, chairs/sofas with proper support for the back), we hope to significantly reduce the somatic symptoms experienced by our seniors. The designed layouts in PHOL ensure ample space for the senior with mobility problems to move about.
Target group
PHOL is a programme targeted at transforming the homes and henceforth the lifestyles of the underprivileged Pioneers aged 65 and above, residing in one-room rental flats.
It is birthed out of a passion to provide these elderly with more hygienic and comfortable living environments, free of pests so that they may be able to joyfully live out their twilight years.
The Project work
The refurbishing of each flat consist of :
1.  Cleaning
This process will clear the flat of any pest infestation, sweeping and clearing away old furniture, scraping of accumulated dirt/grime and washing every area of the flat of dirt. For many of the elderly beneficiaries, bed bugs and cockroaches are a common problem as a result of the clutter in the house and conducive spaces for breeding. The cleaning process serves to eliminate the infestation and prevent the elderly from suffering further bites and illnesses.
2. Replacement of old beds, cupboards, settee and other furnitures
All old furniture such as beds, settee, cupboard will be changed. Changing all the old and damaged furniture to brand new ones will ensure the safety of the elderly as some of their furniture is already in a dilapidated condition and may fall apart. For some, their refrigerators which are not in working condition will also be replaced so that their food could be stored in appropriate temperatures to prevent them from going bad.
3. Painting of the whole apartment from ceiling to wall, including toilets.
4. Improving lightings
Ensure  there is adequate lighting so that the elderly beneficiaries can see move about safely.
While it takes only one day to complete one unit, it takes a commitment to maintain the renewed living environments especially for the beneficiaries whom are unable to do so themselves. On a weekly to bi-weekly basis, volunteers help clean the completed homes. This helps to ensure that after the transformation of the home, the beneficiaries do not just live in a clean environment for a few days. Rather it is to ensure that they live in a sustained hygienic environment and enjoy better health.
Involvement of Rotary Club of Pandan Valley and Rotaract Club of SUTD
1. A sum of S$3000 is required to clean and furnish each apartment. We endeavour to raise funds to re-furbish 20 homes at a cost of $60,000.
2. Rotarians from RCPV will be involved in the physical work of cleaning and painting the apartments.
3. Rotaract Club of SUTD, Interact Club of SJII and Interact Club of Stamford American School  which are sponsored by RCPV will be involved in helping to clean, paint and refurbish the apartments.
1. Beyond the Rotary Club, this project will give employment to ex-drug offenders who are housed in half-way houses and to give them gainful employment. They would be involved in the cleaning, painting and fitting of lightings and furniture.
2. We hope that this could give these ex-offenders that they could also contribute to the society in a meaningful way.
3. With this, we hope that these ex-offenders could experience the care and love of society at large.
Below are the details for Project heart of Love.
1)      Manpower needs involved and each individual’s role and responsibility (as specific as possible)
-          It will take around 30 volunteers, breaking into 2 teams.
-          Team 1 to do cleaning, painting and fitting of furniture  e.g. toilet, Window Grill, Kitchen area, Floors
-          Team 2 to do repack of old stuff outside, e.g. clean and repack stuff. Clean TV, Fan, Fridge.
2)      Duration and timeline (Which activity at what time etc.)
-          Estimated from 11am to 5pm
3)      Break down of $3000 (Eg, painting, furnitures, manpower cost etc..)
-          Painters, furniture, Lunch for volunteers, drinks and tea-break, wire casing, light casing, cleaning items and other miscellaneous.
-          Fridge, washing machine, if needed. Not compulsory, case by case by the condition of the house.
5)      New Furniture :
-          2 seater sofa, TV console, 3 door wardrobe, Kitchen cabinet, Dining table with 4 chairs, Coffee table, Bed (either queen, single, or 2x single bed)
RCPV’s involvement
1. Refurbish 20 homes at the cost of $3000 each = $60,000
2. Mobilize members to help in the refurbishing
3. Mobilize and involve members of Rotaract Club of SUTD to refurbish the flats.
4. Mobilize and involve members of Interact Clubs of St Joseph Institution International and American Stamford School to refurbish the flats.