Our 1.2 million-member organization started with the vision of one man—Paul P. Harris. The Chicago attorney formed one of the world’s first service organizations, the Rotary Club of Chicago, on 23 February 1905 as a place where professionals with diverse backgrounds could exchange ideas and form meaningful, lifelong friendships. Rotary’s name came from the group’s early practice of rotating meetings among the offices of each member.



Rotary Club Of Pandan Valley:  The First Year
Charter President, Michael W. Haines and 26 other gentlemen, formed the Rotary Club of Pandan Valley (Rotary district 330) thirty one years ago under the sponsorship of The Rotary Club of Jurong Town. The club was incubated under District Governor Dr. Philbert S.S.Chin and was admitted into Rotary International on 23rd August 1983 by then R.I. President, William L Skelton.  Dr. Philbert S.S.Chin became the first Honorary Member and two Charter members are still members of the Club. They are PP Dr Tony Tng and PP Lim Soon Hock.
RCPV Charter Members 1983
Barnard, Richard
Lim Soon Hock
Tay Chong Kam
Bek Kheng Huat (dec.)
Loh Kok Choy
Thomas, Alun J
Chew M K, Kenneth (dec)
Low Lip Peng
Tioseco, Eduardo U
Clarke, David
Mackenzie, John
Tng, Tony T H
Da Silva, Lawrence (dec.)
Oh, Michael
Wiener, Robert
D'Halluin, Benoit
Ong, Gary C G
Willmington, Henry
Gwee, Eric
Raine, Joe
Wilson, Peter
Haines, Michael W
Rider, James W B
Woods, Keaton
Howdle, Peter
Tan, David S L
Zee Yao Foo
Khong, Stephen
Tapella, Gary
The 1st Decade   (RY: 1983/84 – 1992/93). 
To cement relationships with the other Rotary clubs in Singapore during the early formative years and to provide opportunities for wider service and involvement, Pandan Valley took part in joint-projects.
Rotary Year
Rotary Themes
Michael W. Haines
Share Rotary, Serve People
Bek Kheng Huat (dec.)
Discover a New World of Service
Henry M.Willmington
1985/ 1986
You are the Key
Loh Kok Choy
Rotary Brings Hope
Peter Howdle
Rotarians: United In Service Dedicated to Peace
Lawrence H. da Silva (dec.)
Put Life into Rotary: Your Life
James Tan S. L.
Enjoy Rotary
Kenneth Chew M.K. (dec)
1990/ 1991
Honor Rotary with Faith & Enthusiasm
Peter Wilson
Look Beyond Yourself
Leonard Loo L.P.
Real Happiness Is Helping Others
A Congratulation Dinner was initiated for Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong in 1991 when he succeeded Mr Lee Kuan Yew as Prime Minister. The dinner was well supported by all the clubs in Singapore. A Paul Harris Fellow recognition was conferred on Mr Goh Chok Tong at this Dinner. A rapport was established between Rotary and the Singapore Government and since then, Rotary clubs in Singapore have been more actively involved with the Government on local community based activities and projects.
Pandan Valley also initiated a tree planting campaign (with participation from other Singapore clubs) to observe Earth Day in 1991. This has since been replicated by other clubs as part of the Environmental Awareness Campaign over the years.
The first few presidents did a lot to establish the reputation of Pandan Valley. Mike Haines and Bek Kheng Huat (dec.) deserved special mention in this respect.  Kenneth Chew went on to become District Governor (Rotary District 3310) in RY 2000-2001!
Expatriates made up about 45% of members in Pandan Valley during this time. There was a rich and stimulating variety of social, cultural, welfare & recreational projects. Membership numbers ranged from 27 to 37, with a mean of 33 members. Various Rotary stalwarts  added life & colour to the club’s meetings and social gatherings. Zee Yao Foo (Treasurer par excellence); Gary Ong (Wine and Spirits supplier); Michael Flannagan (Mr. Heads and Tails); Geoffrey V. Busby (Suave M.C.) and Robert D. Lilley (Club Comedian). In the early 1990's, with changing business patterns, the expatriate component of our membership declined to about 20%.
Project beneficiaries involving committees of the various avenues of services included:
Anglican Welfare Council
Marymount Girls Home
Singapore Medical Association (CPR)
Association for Visually Handicapped
Mt. Alvernia Hospital
Singapore Anti Narcotics Association (SANA)
Boys Town
Marymount Convent
Spastic Children's Association
Boys Scouts Association
Margaret Drive Special
  Samsui Women of
Community Chest
St. Andrews' Hospital
District (Malaysia; India;
Philippines; Indonesia etc.)
Missions to Seamen
Teen Challenge (Youth Addicts)
Exodus home for ex-drug Addicts
National Heart Association
Ulu Pandan Community Centre
Pelangi Home
Lee Kuo Chuan Home for the Aged
Society for Aid to the Paralysed (SAP)
The 2nd Decade (RY: 1993/94 – 2002/03)
The management style during this period is one of quiet consolidation.
Rotary Year
Rotary Themes
Tony Tng T H
1993 / 1994
Believe In What You Do; Do What You Believe In
Brian Foskett 
1994 / 1995
Be A Friend
Lim Soon Hock
1995  / 1996
Act With Integrity, Serve With Love, Work For Peace
Keaton Woods
1996 / 1997
Build The Future With Action & Vision
Jeffrey Seow K B
1997 / 1998
Show Rotary Cares
Andrew Koh
1998 / 1999
Follow Your Rotary Dream
Peter Yap B K
1999 / 2000
Act UIT Consistency, Credibility & Continuity
Eric Lee SP
2000  /  2001
Create Awareness, Take Action
Pang Boon Seng
2001 / 2002
Mankind Is Our Business
Francis Xavier
2002 / 2003
Sow the Seeds Of Love
The club continued to have able leaders, some truly outstanding. Deserving of special mention was the inspirational leadership of Tony Tng, Peter Yap and Eric Lee.  Membership numbers during the period ranged from  32 to  40, with a mean of 35 members. The admission of female members into the Club during this period  contributed much to the vitality & imaginative aspects of Pandan Valley’s projects & programs.
During the period the Club was instrumental in the formation of a Rotaract Club (Rotaract Club of Pandan Valley), an Interact Club {Tanglin Secondary School) and matched club agreements with The Rotary Club of Hsin -Tien Green Lake in Taiwan & The Rotary Club of Bangkok Port of Thailand.
The main thrust of the Club's activities has been Community Service and it continues to serve out its aim to help the less privileged in the society. Throughout the twenty years of existence, the Club has raised funds through various activities to benefit more than forty deserving charitable organizations both in Singapore and abroad.
Project beneficiaries involving committees of the various avenues of services included:
Alzheimer's Disease Association
District Assembly (Co-Organised)
Prison Christian
Akha Refuge in
Chiangmai, Thailand
Dover Park Hospice
Retail Promotion Centre
Asian Women's Welfare Association
Dyslexia Association of Singapore
Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA)
Ayer Rajah Students' Care Centre (Rotary)
Family Service Centre
Red Cross Society
Boys' Town
Singapore Children’s Society
Bukit Merah Home for the Aged
Ministry of Community Development
St. Josephs' Home
Community Chest
Moral Welfare Homes
Samsui Women of
Children’s Charities Association
National Heart Association
Ulu Pandan Community Centre
(W. and E. Malaysia; Thailand; Turkey; Philippines and Southern Africa)
NUS Economics & Statistics Society
White Cane Club
The 3rd Decade (RY: 2003/2004 – 2012/2013)
This period is marked by gracious growth and maturity of the club.  Service remains the hallmark in most activities, whether to the local communities, the Interactors and Rotaractors, or overseas in its international projects.  A culture of goodwill, good fellowship and a sense to warm friendship is probably a good description of the club’s nature and character.
Rotary Year
Rotary Themes
Ang Peng Chye
2003 / 2004
Lend a Hand
Cynthia Tan G H
2004 / 2005
Celebrate Rotary
Lee Gee Aik
2005 / 2006
Service Above Self
Benedict Soh
2006 / 2007
Lead The Way
Richard Guan
2007 / 2008
Rotary Shares
Choe Peng Sum
2008 / 2009
Make Dreams Real
Lim Cheng Kooi
2009 / 2010
The Future of Rotary Is In Your Hands
Michael Loh Kia Teck
2010 / 2011
Building Communities Building Continents
Lim Eng Hai
2011 / 2012
Reach Within to Embrace Humanity
Tan Wah Yuan
2012 / 2013
Peace Through Service
Able leaders showed the way of the club, and throughout the decade amassed numerous district accolades. 
In 2009, the club was Host Club and Organising Club for RI District 3310 Inter-City Meeting where RI conferred the Rotary International Award of Hope on Singapore’s Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.  The function saw more than 600 Rotarians led by RI President at the Grand Hyatt to celebrate Rotary.
Community service was core, and through many activities, members reached within and found the deep desire to continue to make a difference in the life of others, particularly the disadvantaged, young and vulnerable, poor, elderly and the sick.  With service above self, there was the capacity to love our fellow human beings.  And where there was avenue for participation, the Interactors and Rotaractors joined in to lend a hand.
In 2005, the Rotary Club of Shenton was chartered under the club’s sponsorship.  The decade also had the Interact Club of Northbrooks Secondary School chartered in 2009, the Interact Club of St Joseph’s Institution International chartered in 2011 and the Rotaract Club of Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) chartered in 2012.
Further afield, the club “adopted” the Children of the Golden Triangle (Akha hill tribe) in Thailand and for several years raised funds and made memorable visits.  The club also supported other projects in Thailand, Laos and Malaysia.
The album “Rotary Rocks” with original songs and music, produced by the club, raised funds for community project enabling academically weaker students to build self-esteem and another chance for an alternative vocational path towards success.  The signature song Spreading Love has made its way to district conference and beyond.
The closing of the decade for the club was truly peace through service, serving humanity.
Project beneficiaries involving committees of the various avenues of services included:
Alzheimer's Disease Association
Houeixay High School, Bokeo, Laos
Red Cross Home for the Disabled (RCHD)
Assumption Pathway School
Jervois Special School
RSVP Singapore
Autism Association Singapore
Joe Homan Trust, South India
Singapore Association for the Visually Handicapped
Ayer Rajah Students' Care Centre (Rotary)
Mae Souy Akha Refuge, Chiangmai, Thailand
Singapore Hospice Council
Ban Nam Lad School, Thailand
MacPherson Primary School.
Smiling Child Scholarship Fund, ChiangRai
Clementi Community Centre
Metta School
Singapore Red Cross Association
Damai Primary School
National Foundation for Digestive Diseases
Singapore Spastic Association
District/International (W. and E. Malaysia; Thailand; India; )
Northbrooks Secondary School
St Andrew’s Community Hospital
Family Service Centre (Rotary)
Park View Primary School
Tanglin Secondary School
Foundation of Rotary Clubs in Singapore
Redhill Community Centre
Tsunami Disaster Fund
Financially  challenged elderly in Hougang
Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA)
Yu Neng Primary School,
The 4th Decade (RY: 2013/2014 - Present)
This decade has begun on a high, as IPP Rajamohan Munisamy took the club to a new level, as Assistant Governor District 3310 in RY2014-2015 who went on to be awarded as one of the Outstanding Assistant Governors during the District awards held during the 24th Rotary International District Conference in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. The club attained a total of 10 awards for RY2014-2015 which included a Gold award for Local Community Project, Silver Awards for International Project, Fellowship and Recreation, Public Relations Project, Interact Club Project, Bronze award for Rotaract Club Project, Honourable mention for Club Newsletter and individual awards for IPP Rajamohan Munisamy for Excellence in Vocational Service Leadership and PP Elsie Chua as the Best of Class President.
Rotary Year
Rotary Themes
Rajamohan Munisamy
2013 / 2014
 Engage Rotary Change Lives
Elsie Chua
2014 / 2015
 Light Up Rotary
Judy Loh
2015 / 2016
 Be a Gift to the World
Dave Wee
2016 / 2017
 Rotary Serving Humanity
Tan Tock Chen
2017 / 2018
 Making A Difference
Dennis Wee
2018 / 2019
 Be The Inspiration
Jeanne Lim
2019 / 2020
 Rotary Open opportunities
In RY2014-2014, RCPV achieved EREY club recognition and full PHF Club as all members are Paul Harris Fellows. In the same year, RCPV organized the District Vocational Service Seminar for Singapore clubs, SUTD Entrepreneurship Forum where our members participated as speakers and the charity movie for ITE East college meal voucher scheme. Myanmar became a new international location for the club’s humanitarian reach with donations to a village school in Hwambi, Yangon for school uniforms and stationeries. There were also joint water projects in Long Semadoh, Sarawak and Doi Lan School, Thailand.
In RY2014-2015, RCPV presented ‘A nation in Concert’ as a major local community project.  The musical performed by differently-abled beneficiaries (Association for Persons with Special Needs, Handicaps Welfare Association, The Singapore Association for the Deaf and Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped) with volunteer professionals and students reached out to over 2300 at the Marina Bay Sands theatre. The $120k raised were matched one for one by the SG50 Care and Share program, translating to an impact of $240k for beneficiaries. A second Rotary Rocks album was also launched to promote Clean Drinking Water for the needy in Asia.  Funds raised through this CD went towards water filtration systems for 2 schools in Laos and one in Chiang Rai North.
RY2015-2016 was a very meaningful and exciting year.  The key accomplishments are really heart-warming.
  1.  We were the first club in the District with all our members fully registered on My.Rotary platform by the end of the first month of the Rotary year (July).  This was in response to a challenge DG Philip Chong gave to our Club when he joined RCPV at our first club meeting on July 3.
  2. Our major project was with SCORE in support of Yellow Ribbon, to raise S$100,000 for the families of the incarcerated.  This money was utilized as an interim support to the ex-offenders and families, prior to long term community support from Social Service Offices (SSOs) or Community Development Councils (CDCs).  This amount was raised by the end of September.
  3. Part of the Yellow Ribbon experience was “Dining behind Bars” on November 6. For many of our members, this was an impactful eye opener and helped us appreciate the Prison administration and re-integration into society program better.
  4. Apart from having a Christmas party for the children of the incarcerated on December 11, we closed our Yellow Ribbon project with two Mother’s Day event on June 2.  Mothers of male inmates were brought to spend a few hours together.  In a second event on the same day, children were also able to spend a few hours with their incarcerated mothers.
  5. RCPV welcomed 4 new members this year – two men and two women whose hearts were touched by the work we had displayed; and whose heart desire was to make a difference to someone.
  6. Stamford American Interact Club was chartered and installed.
RCPV was applauded for many accomplishments and awards in RY2016-2017.
  1. Our Signature Community Project – Project Heart of Love where we raised $60,000 with help from District Grant.  This was in collaboration with The New Charis Mission.
  2. Continued 100% EREY sustaining member Club.
Awards included :
  1. District Gold Award for Best Vocational Service Project – Entrepreneurship Forum - “From Ideas to Success – Journey of the Young Turks”.
  2. District Gold Award for Best Club Newsletter.
  3. District Bronze Award for Best International Service Project – Clean Water Project for Suhasart Suksa School of 2600 students.- US$ 35,000 with help from RI Global Grant.
  4. District Bronze Award for Best Rotaract Project – Project Radiate
  5. District Award for a Polio-Free World.
Project beneficiaries involving committees of the various avenues of services included:
Chen Su Lan Home
Association for Persons with Special Needs
Handicaps Welfare Association
Doi Lan School, Thailand
The Singapore Association for the Deaf
Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped
Greenview Secondary School
Sahasart Suksa school, ChiangRai North
Nam Keung secondary school, Laos
School in Hwambi, Yangon
Phang Thong School, Laos
The New Charis Mission
ITE East College
Yellow Ribbon
Long Semadoh, Sarawak
Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Services
Overall, many club members were able to come together, as well as enjoy the fellowship of working together.
Ready to make history with us? Get involved.