On 19 June 2021, RCPV finally completed the final phase of the pneumonia vaccination program at Teck Ngee CC.   This project spanned across 3 Rotary years and had faced with many challenges due to multiple delays caused by the Covid19 restrictions.  On the day of the event, Rotarians and healthcare professionals worked hand in hand with proper PPE and vaccinated the final batch of beneficiaries of Teck Ghee precinct.
This project benefited a total of 300 beneficiaries and it has been a long but meaning project for RCPV to be proud.  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank the People Association of Teck Ghee for the logistic and helps in identifying the beneficiaries,  medical team from MW Global Pte Ltd for their professional supports, Rotary International & FRCS for their fundings, RCPV members and organising committees and all the selfless volunteers. 
Thank You !!
RCPV all dressed up !
Briefing and Registration 
Vaccination in progress..