CNY Redhill Food Distribution

We continue the proud pre-Chinese New Year tradition of ours for the 34th consecutive year. Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Pandan Valley, together with spouses, children and friends, will got together at Redhill, to distribute festive food and goodies, along with the auspicious red packets, to 160 senior citizens living in government-subsidized rental flats in the Redhill and Kim Tian neighbourhoods. As usual, Rotaractors from SUTD and Interactors from SAIS were there to help out too. This time, we had a total of 36 volunteers to get the work done. Thank You to everyone who is making the time for this. 
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SAIS Service Conference

Saturday, 17 February 2024: "Today, we had an excellent session at SAIS (Stamford American International School) where our senior members PDG Mohan, PP Cynthia and PP Elsie gave theirt anecdotes on Service through Rotary. Thank You so much for the support. It was very well received and we may even have gotten ourselves a (potential) new member."  - Youth Service Director Aditya Singh
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Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year Lunch on Ren Ri (Yan Yat), the 7th day of the Chinese New Year when we celebrate the birthday of everybody because it is the day marked as Everybody’s Birthday in the Chinese calendar and Chinese customs. Xin Nian Kuai Le! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

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RCPV Charity Walk & Picnic in Botanic Gardens

Through the contributions and active canvassing of donations by members of the Rotary Club of Pandan Valley, giving others a chance to participate and contribute, we raised a grand total of S$7,980 to help fund Life Centre Community Services' WHOLE Child literacy through reading writing and story telling programme at Canberra Street. We didn't want it to be just about fund-raising. So here we are, having a picnic in the Botanic Gardens with the children who will benefit from the programme. This picnic was after a first-time-ever experience for the kids and their parents in the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, a giant playground in a garden within a garden setting.
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Redhill Food Distribution 2023

In a tradition that goes back more than 30 years, the Rotary Club of Pandan Valley, together with family and friends, come together to bring festive cheer to 160 elderly residents in Redhill Close and Kim Tian. Some of the beneficiaries came down personally to collect their bags of edible goodies and one auspicious red packet each. For most of the cases, we worked in teams of 3-4 to bring the pre-packed bags of food right to their doors.
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41st installation of President and Board of Directors 2023-09-13 16:00:00Z 0
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40th installation of President and Board of Directors

This year our installation dinner was held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on 2 July 2022.  Event was graced by DG Joanne Kam and our Honorary Member and Guest of Honour, PDG Dr Philbert Chin.  President Steven had his baton of authority and the Presidential Jewels handed over by Immediate Past President Patrick Cheo.  The event was well attended by club members and we had guests from our sister club in Chiangrai North and Penang as well as clubs members within our District in attendance.  Fund raising was carried out for our community project for Dignity Kitchen this Rotary year and we look forward to working with them to better serve the differently abled.
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Pneumonia Vaccination - Final Phase

On 19 June 2021, RCPV finally completed the final phase of the pneumonia vaccination program at Teck Ngee CC.   This project spanned across 3 Rotary years and had faced with many challenges due to multiple delays caused by the Covid19 restrictions.  On the day of the event, Rotarians and healthcare professionals worked hand in hand with proper PPE and vaccinated the final batch of beneficiaries of Teck Ghee precinct.
This project benefited a total of 300 beneficiaries and it has been a long but meaning project for RCPV to be proud.  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank the People Association of Teck Ghee for the logistic and helps in identifying the beneficiaries,  medical team from MW Global Pte Ltd for their professional supports, Rotary International & FRCS for their fundings, RCPV members and organising committees and all the selfless volunteers. 
Thank You !!
RCPV all dressed up !
Briefing and Registration 
Vaccination in progress..
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RCPV COVID 19 Relief Fund

Mdm Noelene - TGCC Chairman, IPP Jeanne Lim and President Philip Marcelo
The Pandemic has created so much suffering around the world and Singapore is not spared.  Many families are in need of financial helps as many sole breadwinners lost their jobs due to business closures and retrenchments.  Members of RCPV had stepped forward and donated part or full amount of their Solidarity Payments received from government for this good course.  In total, we donated $11,500.00 to People Association of Teck Ghee and the fund will provide a short term relief to 46 beneficiaries.  
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RCPV 3rd Club Assembly - 14 Mar

RCPV's 3rd Club Assembly was hosted by PN Patrick Cheo at his residence. A total of 21, including DGE Mohan and PDG GB Chew, 10 Family Members and a guest attended this event. An update of the 3rd Quarter activities was presented to members and recognition of both the new & upgraded Paul Harris recipients, Stefanie Wong and PP Lee GA were accorded by PDG GB Chew.
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RCPV AGM & Christmas Party

PP Andrew Koh & PP Jane Koh hosted RCPV's AGM and X'mas party at their lovely home on 14 Dec, 2019. Both PDG & Mrs. Chew Ghim Bok and DGE Mohan graced the occasion attended by a total of 60 people including RCPV's Ex-members, SAI Interactors & SUTD Rotaractors. 
PP Andrew Koh kicked off the donation drive for funds to be raised for RCPV's annual Chinese New Year Food and Ang Pow Distribution at Redhill. A total of S$ 2,820 was raised for the project. 
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World Mental Health Day 10 Oct 2019

In support of World Mental Health Day on 10 October 2019, a Mental Wellness Day event was held at the Clementi Community Centre from 9am to 4pm. Key activities include screening of Dementia, Depression, Osteoporosis and Colon Cancer.
Mental Health and Wellbeing is an important issue in the workplace with high stress jobs, busy timelines and other pressures in life. Mild cognitive impairment (early dementia) is rising in prevalence. Depression is also increasing with higher suicide rates.
The Good Life Cooperative and Medical Centre with The Rotary Club of Pandan Valley and supporting partners launched the Preventive Mobile Clinic buses in conjunction with World Mental Health Day. This will improve accessibility of medical care to the community at large. The mobile clinic is fully licensed with CHAS Medisave for Chronic disease. It serves to raise awareness of preventive care of common diseases and provide preventive health assessment and management services such as screening, immunization and integrated chronic disease care. These mobile hubs will also leverage on technology, Smart Nation to track and follow-up with residents, integrating with government programmes for effective point of care testing and assessment services.
We were honoured to have the presence of Denmark’s Ambassador to Singapore H.E. Dorte Bech Vizard to grace the occasion of this launch. A recent study by Mercer and research institute Marsh & McLennan Insights measured countries’ resilence against an ageing society and job automation among older workders aged 50 and above, and the strength of their retirement system. While Singapore was found to be the most resilient in Asia, it was 13th on the index of 20 countries. The top spot went to Denmark. We could glean some insights on how Denmark has achieved this top spot.
Mdm Rahayu Mahzam, MP for Jurong GRC was our Guest of Honour for this event.
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Rotary Rocks. Battle of the Bands by Professionals. A community Service Project by The Rotary Club of Pandan Valley Elsie Chua 2019-01-03 16:00:00Z 0

Vocational Seminar - Why Social Entrepreneurship

Posted by Dave WEE
Join us at our vocational seminar on 31st January 2019.  Our Rotaractors from SUTD will host this seminar on Social Entreprenuership featuring Ong Tian Chang, Co-founder of Yonah; Aaron Lee, Founder of Jaga-Me; and Lim Chong Tee, Chief Marketing Officer of Wateroam.  Event will be held at SUTD Lecture Theatre 2 from 6pm to 9pm.
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International Clean Water Project 2018

Posted by Elsie Chua
This year our club collaborated with Radion International to supply clean water to an entire village located in Phetchabun.  This village is Khek Noi Village.  The village comprised of 17,000 Hmong hilltribe people and a handful of Thai citizens living there.
The other Rotary clubs involved in this are:
Rotary Club of Chiangrai North, Rotary Club of Penang and Rotary Club of Jakarta Metropolitan.
President Dennis Wee with International Director Choe Peng Sum set off to this village with PP Michael Loh, PP Dave Wee, PE Jeanne Lim and spouses Priska Wee, Christina Wee and Adeline Loh.
Members arrived in Khek Noi village on 25 November for an opening ceremony of the water treatment plant.  This was followed by a mass food relief distribution and lunch.
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Pneumonia Vaccination Day

Pneumonia Vaccination Day - 7 April 2018
RCPV kicked start their first vaccination program at Teck Ngee CC.  Officiating at the opening of Vaccination Day was our Guest of Honour, Senior Minister of State for Health & Transport, Dr Lam Pin Min.
This project targets to provide 300 vaccinations to the beneficiaries.  The vaccination will be carried out in 4 to 6 phases with estimated 50 beneficiaries in each phase.  Post vaccination result will be carried out thru systematic survey conducted by the vendor for close monitoring and additional helpline will also be provided as the after-vaccination care.  The project will span over 2 to 3 Rotary years.
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Pneumonia Prevention Health Talk

Pneumonia Prevention Health Talk  - 24 March 2018

The first Health Talk on pneumonia prevention was organised for elderly residents of Teck Ghee Constituency. This was planned to precede the first actual vaccination day on 7 April, 2018.  The talk is to bring awareness of the common conditions of Pneumonia and the importance of vaccinations.  The process will then help to identify the elderly that are in need of the vaccinations or with preconditions that will be asked to sign up for the vaccination. 

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Chinese New Year Food Distribution

On 07 January 2017, Rotarians, their family members, Interactors from the Interact Club of Stamford American School and friends descended on Block 89, Redhill Close at 11.00 am, all ready to start our annual food distribution.
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